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Mortgage, Credit and the Price You Pay: A Mortgage Simulation

Experience one of the most important equations of your life: the mortgage equation! Do you know the price you are paying for your level of credit? Crunch those numbers to find out!

Optimization Week

Welcome to Optimization Week where you will have to solve a real world problem and share with the world why your solution is better than all other possible solutions!

Understanding Point of View in Racial Injustice

Understanding Point of View in Racial Injustice is a lesson designed to look at how situations are discussed from different points of view. The lesson addresses sensitive subject matter and prompts students to identify character traits and summarize the targeted text.

Tell Me How You Feel – Opinion Writing

Tell Me How You Feel: Opinion Writing is a lesson designed to break down paragraph writing into a step-by-step process using the OREO graphic organizer. The lesson provides video examples of each step with teacher checks and a Blooket to start.

Scale It Up!

Scale up your students’ knowledge of dilation and scale factor by having them work through scale drawings!


This lesson is designed to prove the difference between what we think we see and what actually exists in the physical world. Students will use a variety of methods and concepts such as foreground, middle ground, and background, spatial illusion, and atmospheric perspective.

Reebop Breeding: Modeling Inheritance and Phenotype Digitally

In this interactive lesson, students will learn about meiosis, fertilization, heredity rules, genotypes, phenotypes, etc. through building marshmallow dragons (or reebops). Through this lesson, they will be able to understand and explain genetic and physical diversity from generation to generation.

Finding Textual Evidence to Build Literary Essays

This lesson will help students learn to identify key pieces in a text, used to support arguments for various types of literary essay foci. The lesson focuses on the Notice and Notes structure to teach students note taking and citation strategies, in order to create a solid thesis/essay after close-reading a text.

A Feast of Proofs: Justifying Triangle Congruence

This lesson will help your scholars deconstruct proof level thinking. By utilizing Delta Math, students can progress from the visual level of thinking about triangle congruence and transform themselves into writing proof like arguments.

Line Segments & Distance

In this lesson, students will learn how to calculate distances in real life situations by using the distance formula and the Pythagorean Theorem. The interactive Nearpod is included in the lesson.