Social Justice

FlipGrid Basics

Welcome to Hacking EdTech for Equity! In this video we talk about how to use FlipGrid and how to introduce it into your classroom!

Pear Deck for Lesson and Projects

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Use Pear Deck to push students to think more about issues of equity in the US.

Diversity 10

Students will examine diversity in social, cultural, political and historical contexts rather than in ways that are superficial or oversimplified.

Diversity 9

Students will respond to diversity by building empathy, respect, understanding and connection.

Diversity 8

Students will respectfully express curiosity about the history and lived experiences of others and will exchange ideas and beliefs in an open-minded way.

Diversity 7

Students will develop language and knowledge to accurately and respectfully describe how people (including themselves) are both similar to and different from each other and others in their identity groups.

Diversity 6

Students will express comfort with people who are both similar to and different from them and engage respectfully with all people.

Identity 5

Students will recognize traits of the dominant culture, their home culture and other cultures and understand how they negotiate their own identity in multiple spaces.

Identity 4

Students will express pride, confidence and healthy self-esteem without denying the value and dignity of other people.

Identity 3

Students will recognize that people’s multiple identities interact and create unique and complex individuals.