English Language Arts

Understanding Point of View in Racial Injustice

Understanding Point of View in Racial Injustice is a lesson designed to look at how situations are discussed from different points of view. The lesson addresses sensitive subject matter and prompts students to identify character traits and summarize the targeted text.

Tell Me How You Feel – Opinion Writing

Tell Me How You Feel: Opinion Writing is a lesson designed to break down paragraph writing into a step-by-step process using the OREO graphic organizer. The lesson provides video examples of each step with teacher checks and a Blooket to start.

Finding Textual Evidence to Build Literary Essays

This lesson will help students learn to identify key pieces in a text, used to support arguments for various types of literary essay foci. The lesson focuses on the Notice and Notes structure to teach students note taking and citation strategies, in order to create a solid thesis/essay after close-reading a text.

Conver-Stations for Literary Discussion

This lesson will help students discover how to analyze and cite a text through interacting with peers and through finding authentic connections between novels and their own lives. This lesson can be used as a guide to help students analyze any novel or text of the teacher or students’ choosing.


step-by-step video tutorial resource for educators in using EdPuzzle

Stories as Mirrors & Windows: Cultural Positionality

The lesson helps students understand not only what culture is and how beliefs, customs, traditions, rituals, and ways of knowing are different and similar to their own culture; additionally it will help students understand that these aspects of culture are sometimes used to unite and divide groups of people. This lesson increases students’ awareness of their own cultural positionality, which affects their perspectives of the world.

Book Module for Abuela by Arthur Dorros

Albuela book cover

The Abuela Book Module is a bilingual guided and interactive read aloud activity paired with potential inquiries around human enhancement & limitations, immigration, human rights, multiculturalism and multilingualism.